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International Winning Bets: 1/3

Russian Premier League Winning Bets: 5/15

Remember Dennis Bergkamp’s sensational spinning goal against Newcastle about 15 years ago? The one where he made Nikos Dabizas look a little bit silly and himself a little bit special? I do, but not fondly. Much as he was a sublime player, the Dutchman cost me £345 by defying the laws of physics that day and screwing up my first ever bet, a 10-way accumulator. I couldn’t believe it was so easy to (almost) win money, and I was instantly hooked to a life violently swinging between drama and disappointment – personal highlights include winning £720 on a double of Manchester United to beat Inter Milan and Barcelona to beat Lyon.


The moment I was hooked on the drama of football betting… Credit : Stuart MacFarlane / Arsenal Football Club.

Since moving out to Russia I have closed my online accounts in the name of being a sensible family man, but the bug is still there, so I have decided to start a weekly set of tips where I will give myself a ghost sum each week and keep track of my running total as a substitute. I will post my tips for how to make some money from this vast land in the hope that it will stave off any inclination I might have lurking inside to have a real flutter. The curious thing here is that many foreign betting sites are illegal, but the second tier FNL championship is sponsored by Fonbet, a Russian betting company, which itself is hardly bustling with customers.

I will give myself an imaginary £30 each week and see how much of a profit I can turn from three selections, each of which I will explain beforehand, and I’ll keep a running total and a breakdown of each week’s bets on this page. FourFourTwo magazine used to run a tiny segment like this called Beat the Bookie, and although I won’t have direct competition, turning a profit will be my target for the rest of the season. If you decide to follow any of my tips, let me know – it’d be great to know if you win some real money! 

Fingers crossed…

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2015/16 RPL Season

Gameweek 19    Week Total: -£30


Gameweek 20    Week Total: +£82.10


Gameweek 21    Week Total: -£30


Gameweek 22    Week Total: +£22


Gameweek 23    Week Total: +£36