A while ago, I decided to start documenting the various quirks of life as I see it in Siberia, and I set up a page entitled I wasn’t sure exactly what would be the ultimate purpose of it, but I found penning observations about all manner of idiosyncrasies in this wonderful country without any strict parameters was my natural inclination.

However, because I am next to useless with the inner workings of the Internet, I found it difficult to keep it up and running. Ok, I’ll be honest – the truth is I just lost my password, and had to start from scratch with this new address. But as it turns out I think it was for the best: my name is not exactly world famous (yet…), whereas there might just be a handful of people curious enough to search for stories about An Englishman in Siberia. It is for those people that I write these entries. Those people are awesome. Those people are you 🙂

In the interests of tidiness (no sniggering there, mum!), I have decided to keep links to the posts from the old site to here, while adding to them with further musings, and this page is where I will store them. Enjoy!

Tyumen Musings Part 1

Pronunciation and Cucumbers

Tyumen Musings Part 2

Driving, Shashlyk and Snow

Parental Musings Part 1

Energy, Aggression and Toys

Tyumen Musings Part Three: Identity, Pig Trotters and a Two-Headed Eagle

Tyumen Musings Part 4: Doctors, Queueing and Fish in Fur Coats

Parental Musings Part 2: The Roles of Russian Mothers, Russian Babushki and the Michelin Man

Tyumen Musings Part 5: Hospitality, Celebrations and ‘Just a Drink’

Tyumen Musings Part Six: Gopniks, Politics and Crossed Linguistic Wires

Christmas Musings: Coffee, Work and Chocolate

2014 Musings: Achievement, Chance and Football

Moscow Musings: Planes, Names and Games

Media Musings Special: Twitter, Kate Garraway and Underpants


Tyumen Musings Part Seven: Coconuts, Peaches and Defending the (Adopted) Fatherland

Tyumen Musings Part Eight: Ukraine, Brotherhood and Pampers

Legal Musings Special: The Labyrinthine Mess of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito’s (Re)Acquittal

Tyumen Musings Part Nine: Stamps, Toasts and Marshrutkas

Tyumen Musings Part Ten: Wives, Mothers-in-Law and Food

Tyumen Musings Part Eleven: Victory Day, St George and Baba Valya

Tyumen Musings Part Twelve: Football in the Capital of Villages