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TFT logoIt is hard to describe how indebted I am to Omar Saleem, the magnificent founder, editor and driving force behind These Football Times for my writing career so far. He will play down his role if he reads this, which is quite ridiculous since he has put a crazy amount of time, effort, care and money into ensuring the site has stayed at the very front of the the modern online football writing world.

My natural inclination has been to tell a story, right back from the days of English lessons at school; back then all my favourite teachers were English teachers, mostly because of the tales they would tell, and my most cherished reading memories came from creative geniuses like Roald Dahl and Nick Hornby. These Football Times allows me to indulge myself fully, and every step of the way Omar has been the most supportive figure.

Here I will post links to my features on the site so far. I have had a hand in every series on the site so far; A Tale of One City (on one-city derbies around the world), A World of Ultras, The Fleeting Fraternity (on players whose careers were cut short for various reasons), Masterminds (on managerial greats), The Academy Way and The Tsars of Football (ten figures who have shaped Russian football). All of my features for these series can be found in the drop-down menu at the top of this page under “Published Articles”, then “These Football Times”.

Don’t let me convince you from my not-entirely-impartial standpoint; see for yourself. Features, podcasts, gear, reviews; every day there is a new installment from some fantastic writers who I am lucky to share a platform with.