In these series, co-written with Omar Saleem, Jon Townsend, Matt Gault and Jim Hart, we cover some of the greatest managerial masterminds in footballing history, chosen for their indellible impact on the game in their own unique way. Here are my contributions.

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The Masterminds

Jimmy Hogan: England’s Greatest Footballing Pioneer


The story of the most under appreciated but visionary coach from England is incredible – shunned by his own country, but lauded across Europe.

The Methodical, Scientific Genius of Valeriy Lobanovskiy

lobanovskyiLobanovskyi’s tale is truly unique. With original interviews from Ukrainian fans past and present, I tried to go for a different perspective on a story that has been told before in different ways.

Sir Alex Ferguson: The Greatest Winner in Britain

Picture: Richard Austin 07831 566005

This was always going to be a huge task to take on the most recognisable figure of the last thirty years in English football, but thanks to the wonderfully generous help of Graham Hunter I was able to work in some original insight into the mind of the man himself. His United years would have been too easy to focus on, so I dug deeper into the makings of the man in Scotland.

Hervé Renard: From Obscurity to Conquering Africa

renard1How anyone can go from managing Cambridge United to becoming the most successful manager on a different continent is quite remarkable, but Renard’s tale was one that had always fascinated me. I spoke to various experts in France and Africa to gain a deeper insight.

Herbert Chapman and the Legendary W-M Formation

Wembley DiscussionThe truth is he was so much more than a tactical innovator: he was a man way ahead of his time who was simply a magnet for success. Arsenal today would be nothing without him, or at the very least they would be still catching up without his seismic contribution.

Oleg Romantsev: The Incredible Man of Two Halves

RomantsevSpartak Moscow legend or chronic drunk? Mercurial genius or stubborn irritant? Defining Romantsev is virtually impossible, but one thing is certain – his contribution to Russian football before, during and after the collpase of the Soviet Union is undeniable. Still only 62, his decline was tragic, but his rise was majestic.